Saturday, March 7, 2009

Progress Reports and more softball

Today, (Saturday, March 7), Erich has three softball games. I hope to be able to share the outcome of those this evening! In the meantime, I wanted to share some notes from Erich's first progress report from The Graded School of Sao Paolo. I am so proud and humbled that God is with him and giving him such peace and the true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity he had hoped for...

In Portuguese:

Erich seems very well adapted and comfortable in his PFLA group (Portuguese). He is increasing his participation in class and starting to speak out more during the activities, which is great! I expect to see that happening more and more, so the learning process can be consolidated.

And this from his Art class:

Current Academic Grade: A The focus of instruction in ART II is on three-dimensional design. The students are introduced to Ceramics in order to model, construct and carve clay while applying design principles to their projects. The expressive and functional nature of clay are explored as well as the design potentials and limitations inherent in this material.

We started the quarter with an Identity project where the students were asked to create a mask to portray different aspects of their personalities. Erich seems to be well adjusted to our routine and has worked well with clay. He is a hard worker and is almost done with his second project! (Coil project) while many of his classmates just started!! It has been a pleasure to have Erich in this class!

:) My heart is overflowing! God is so good!

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