Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erich's Humanities paper

Not sure if this is the final draft or not but it's a neat story... Erich has agreed to let me post it here:

Why we need computers

Jimmy hit the print button and rushed out the door, the bus, at the curb almost revving its engines.
"Sorry I'm late; I had to print my homework" Jimmy said to the bus driver. He walked down the middle feeling embarrassed for being late. He sat down next to his friend Michael and put his hands in his face.
"Ah, I'm so tired"
"Yeah same here, I had a basketball game last night. I didn’t get home until 9:00. I could barely do my homework." Jimmy sat and looked outside for the rest of the ride.
"Attention class!" yelled Mrs. Lance, Jimmy's language arts teacher. She was about 6foot 3inches, brown hair and not the best age to be teaching, about 65. "Today we are starting a new curriculum and we will be getting more work more often. We will be working all class today on an essay and then it will be homework due next Monday." Jimmy nervously thought; I've never needed to study for tests before, or do an essay for homework.
"You will be given a subject to write on. It needs to be three pages long at least. I will call out the names and your subject: Angela: astronomy, Nick: Soccer, Daniel: Carnaval, Pablo: Physics…" Mrs. Lance called them off one by one. Jimmy waited for his name until he got what he wasn’t expecting. "Jimmy you get: Robots." Jimmy had no prior knowledge of robots, what he thought of robots were: I used to play with one when I was young, I just cranked it up and it moved its arms around and walked.
Later that day he didn’t know what to do, so he went to go play with his friends and he said he would do it tomorrow. And even the next day he set it off, and again, and again, until Sunday night 7:00. He couldn’t believe it. So he started to write it, step by step, he said
"Ok what can I do to learn about robots? I can go to the library and I can get a book. But my mom won't take me because it's too far away. Umm..." he waited five minutes, thinking so hard he gave himself a headache and gave up. He went to school the next day and said he doesn’t know how to do it.
"Jimmy do you know how to use a computer?"
"No not really, I never seemed to need it before."
"Jimmy, you know there is internet you can use to look it up, to get more information."
"Really? But how will I put it on paper?"
"It's called Microsoft Word. It lets you write down anything you want, except instead of writing you can type it."
"Wow thanks"
"Come after school and ill show you how to use it."
So later he went to the school computer lab and Mrs. Lance told him just about all she knew about computers. Soon enough he could create his own website. Now Jimmy can do his homework.
That same day he spent 4 hours looking up information and putting it into speech. He even drank coffee for the first time. When he finished, he had at least five pages worth of information. He even had to go to bed because his eyes hurt from being fixed on that screen for so long. The next day he felt like he had just won the Oscars. He went in with a smirk on his face, thinking he created an invention. 2 minutes until class starts, Jimmy had been sitting in his seat papers out and ready to hand it in. Class started and immediately Mrs. Lance called for the papers and Jimmy's, of course, the first to go in. Of course he got an A++ and later on when he got to high school he created some of his own websites. He got a degree in technology and in became rich making computers and designing video games. Even started his own company.

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