Monday, March 16, 2009

More Portuguese fun

Hmmm, well - I guess I should eat my words now... I have been blessed this afternoon with some great conversation with Erich via his iPod/internet connection. I was asking questions and he was responding in PORTUGUESE! There is a great tool out there compliments of Yahoo called Babelfish. You can copy the garbley-goop (aka Portuguese) into Babelfish and select Portuguese to English and walla! It translates it... Here are some of the things he said to me regarding his study session with Ignacio this weekend (and the translations)...

Estudamos ciência prova que é amanhã.

We study science test that is tomorrow.

(at this point I asked him to confirm the translation)

Sim, o teste é chamado de uma busca.

Yes, the test is called a search.

Pretty cool stuff...

As an avid reader of my blog I'd like to say thanks, Erich - for sharing some Portuguese and great conversation with me today. You made my day. Thank you too, for allowing me to share your TERRIFIC humanities paper (to be posted tomorrow)!

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