Thursday, March 5, 2009

ESPN moment...

I spoke to Erich on Tuesday after his softball game... he only had 1 at bat and didn't get a hit but made (almost) 2 catches... he was playing left field and a ball sailed out to left center and Erich dove to catch it - it hit his glove but he wasn't able to keep hold of it. But I could hear the ESPN play-of-the-game jingle in my head as I imagined him diving to make a great play!!

Erich was back to school this week after a week of Carnival vacation similar to winter break here in the States. Erich got to pick electives for his last semester of 7th grade and he chose guitar. (Hmmm - Mr. Slaughter, his former History teacher may have had something to do with this perhaps? or being an expert at Guitar Hero on both the Xbox 360 and the Wii???? for the record, I cannot complete even ONE SONG on easy mode before getting booed off the stage!). ROCK OUT Erich - or whatever it is that's hip and cool these days... I'll light my virtual iPod lighter (an application Erich and I have on our iPod touches that looks like a real flickering lighter - that when you shake the iPod closes the lid on the flame). You know I'll be your #1 fan!

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