Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation or home?

Phew... it is SO good to have Erich home... well, for me he's HOME... for Erich it's VACATION and then back to Brazil for 8th grade... unless by some miracle, he stays home... 99.9% unlikely, but I can still pray for it!

We have a big list of things to do, people to see, places to go, things to eat! Yes, the food is different there, and there are many things Erich missed. Mostly junk food; and restaurants such as Taco Bell, BW3, Wasabi (our local Sushi place), 7-11 (Slurpees) and a host of other places ... in one of these posts I'll have Erich describe the food there - and some of his favorite restaurants.

In an earlier post here at the blog I mentioned I would update about a bunch of things... one of them being a funny story from Erich's 13th birthday while still in Brazil. It was about noon on that day and I got a phone call from him. Can you guess why? He wanted to "remind me" that it was his birthday! I beat him to it though... as soon as I heard his voice I said Happy Birthday and started singing (much to the surprise and horror of my coworkers!)... I just thought that was so funny... as if I'd forget!

So that's all for this update... I'll have some more soon... I think I'll share Erich's report card comments next! Stay tuned!

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