Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Graded School of Sao Paulo

As many of you know, Erich goes to a private U.S. school in Sao Paulo - thanks to Ford Motor Company. It is quite a prestigious school... people from all over the world move to Sao Paulo just so their kids can go there. It's primarily an English speaking school staffed by Americans. Erich does have Portuguese classes and it's fun to listen via the Internet - to the local radio station "Metropolitano" and have Erich explain the crazy commercials and d.j.'s. The music is mostly American - or at least in English! :) Anyway, I was talking about school. Erich adapted really well to the 2nd half of 7th grade there - and should be well prepared for 8th grade.

One of the things I wanted to share is in regards to his report cards. Instead of a sterile, one page report with a list of classes and the corresponding grades achieved, the Graded School has 5 page report cards. With typical letter grades but also number 'grades' called "Learning Habits" such as organization, punctuality, preparedness, attitude, cooperation and resolution. It also gives a synopsis of what they studied that semester, which is really neat... but the part that really struck me is the comments... there are personal notes from each teacher to the student or parents. A few snippets: "Erich, you are such a friendly guy, a self-motivated student and a great pal for the other kids in the class! It is wonderful to have you on our Geography team." Or this one from his Portuguese teacher: "Erich, you are very good-humoured and a lovely presence in class."

I just love that. His end of year report card had comparisons from 3Q to 4Q. It's amazing to see all 3's and 4's in the Learning Habits (4 being the highest) and grades that would make any mom (and stepmom) proud.

I have to give Krysten credit... with Erich's dad working 12 hour days much of the time, Krysten has been a rock for Erich - and helped him achieve the awesome grades he achieved... with all they had to adjust to with the move and the new culture it is truly impressive! She is an amazing mom to both kids.

Okay, speaking of Krysten ... next post will showcase her amazing decorating talents ... pics of the house 5 months later!

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